Why You Will Never Have Perfect Mental Health

Perfect Mental Health

We live under the assumption that we can somehow achieve a perfect state of mind in which we are constantly happy. With people’s obsession with efficiency, they often try to aim for perfect mental health.

This is why we can’t get enough of self-help videos, seminars, conferences, books, and talks.

We’re looking for the secret. The missing piece to the puzzle. After all, mental health should be a destination, right?

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How to Enjoy Life With Less Money

Enjoy Life With Less Money

Social media has warped our perspective about reality and “enjoying life.” It seems like it’s damn near impossible to live well with less money.

With the constant pressure to travel, dine at trendy restaurants, drive a fancy car, and have the newest gadgets, it’s easy to feel like we need a lot of money to enjoy life truly.1Source: The Chicago School

Sure, enjoying life does take a bit of money since nothing is for free. And even if you don’t plan to eat out a lot or are not into shopping, you still need to spend a certain amount to be comfortable.

The global inflation rate is on a downtrend, but it’s still higher than 10 years ago.2Source: Statista

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A Life of Pleasure: How to Enjoy Yourself Without Destroying Your Wealth

Life of pleasure

Stoicism has become a part of mainstream culture during the past decade. People realized that living on hedonism —always chasing after a life of pleasure and avoiding pain — doesn’t bring genuine happiness.

Hedonism can also be expensive. An overly luxurious lifestyle will destroy your wealth.

But even the ancient stoics didn’t believe in living like a monk. Seneca said it well in On The Happy Life:

“The wise man does not consider himself unworthy of any gifts from Fortune’s hands: he does not love wealth but he would rather have it; he does not admit into his heart but into his home; and what wealth is his he does not reject but keeps, wishing it to supply greater scope for him to practice his virtue.”

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Emotional Payoff: The Best Source of Motivation for Exercising Daily

Emotional Payoff Exercise Motivation That Works

I tried a running habit before. I soon learned that my best workout routine is a mix of strength training and cardio.

But whatever I’m doing, I still ensure I have a form of exercise per day. The key is to focus on having an emotional payoff.

This is what makes it easier to be consistent with your exercise. By doing something small each day that made you feel good. Even when things get tough and busy.

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