Excessive Budgeting Will Not Make You Rich

penny pinching drawing
4 min read

My grandfather is the most frugal person I know. He always lives on a budget. As long as I can remember, he’s had the same wardrobe. One of his cardigans even has a hole in it. But he refuses to throw it away.

My mother bought him a new cardigan years ago. But he left it unopened in the packaging. The damned vest has to fall apart first; otherwise the OG won’t throw it away.

“This one is perfectly fine,” is his motto. Literally nothing has changed in my grandfather’s house for decades. And he has no problem with it. 

But here’s the thing: Penny pinching, budgeting, and frugal living will not make you rich. It only causes stress.

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Financial Independence Will Not Set You Free

wasting time vs spending time
4 min read

For the longest time, I chased empty goals. Financial independence is one of those goals. An empty goal is something that doesn’t make you feel any different once you achieve it. Can you relate to that?

It’s like studying four years to get a degree and then think to yourself, “this is it? I thought I would feel different.” Nope. That truly is it

“But what about all those long hours? The sacrifices? The debt? The struggle?”

We think that because we expend so much energy on achieving a goal, it must be worth it. And that it must change our lives. But let me tell you, the world will still be the same whether you have 10 degrees or none. It’s also the same for money.

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An Exercise For Improving Mental Toughness

mental toughness
3 min read

No matter how prepared you are and how much you plan, things will still go wrong. At those moments, we need mental toughness. But too often, people say, “I’ll deal with a setback when it happens.” It’s a better mindset than always worrying about everything that could happen.

However, it’s also naïve. We all know that we will have setbacks and get hurt sooner or later. But when all is well, we don’t want to think about. Oddly enough, good times are perfect for preparation. When everything in your life is going well, you can take the time to focus on what you want to do to improve yourself.

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