’Why Am I Not Rich & Famous?’ the Delusion of Our Times

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Every year, I learn about new things that make me think that our world is headed in the wrong way. Take private jets.

There are now companies that offer “affordable” private jets. I saw a news item about this recently on tv. You can split the cost of a private jet with 30 or so other people who want to go to a party destination like Ibiza in Europe. Or Las Vegas in the US.

When the reporter showed the inside of the jet, it was just like any other commercial airline jet, but smaller. In fact, the whole experience was exactly the same as going on a “regular” flight.

You go to an airport, wait in line to check-in, board the plane with a bunch of strangers, and you fly to your destination. But the difference is that you can say to your friends, “I’m flying private.” What a load of shit.

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