How To Get Motivated In 3 Steps

get motivated
5 min read

So you commit to improving your health, career, or relationships, and after two days, you give up. “I just can’t get motivated.”

We often say those kinds of things without knowing what motivation is. Motivation is simply the reason (or reasons) for acting or behaving the way you do.

The problem is that most of our motivation is short-lived. Some days we feel motivated in the evening, but when the alarm goes off in the morning, all our reasons will go out the window.

You can use self-talk, deadlines, routines, power poses, and other commonly used techniques to get motivated, but you and I both know that none of that stuff lasts. What we need is a strategy to get and stay motivated. Here are 3 things I do.

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Stop Using A To-Do List

cluttered to-do list

4 min read The to-do list is one of the most widely used productivity tactics. For years, I also had a list of dozens of items. When I started researching productivity, I thought the to-do list was a must. “Everyone uses them, so it must work!” That’s what […]

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