The Stoic Mindset: How to Use Ancient Lessons to Face Life’s Challenges

Stoic Mindset

I’ve been writing about the philosophy of Stoicism since 2015. A Stoic mindset has truly changed the way I do everything.

I apply Stoicism to my happiness, work, finances, and even relationships. This Stoic mindset allowed me to leverage ancient lessons into my entire life.

The other day I was talking about this change with a friend. He asked me:

“What does the Stoic mindset really mean?”

Let me explain.

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Get Rich With Stoicism

get rich

Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy, is not just a guide for leading a virtuous and meaningful life; it can also be a roadmap to financial success. People have endless discussions on Reddit about this topic. Somehow, the ideas of Stoicism and money don’t jive together […]

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