7 Lifestyle Factors That Decrease Your Risk of Depression (backed by science)

Lifestyle Factors Depression

Depression is real. The World Health Organization estimates that about 280 million people struggle with depression globally.

Some people think it’s some kind of born disease. That’s not true. Depression can happen to everyone.

But fortunately we can do certain things to lower the chances of getting depressed.

A recently published study crunched a large set of data to confirm it. Researchers examined data from almost 290,000 people — of whom 13,000 had depression — over a nine-year period.1Source: Science Daily

Their conclusion? There are 7 lifestyle factors linked with a lower risk of depression. All these factors reduced the risk of depression by 22%.

Here are the 7 factors. And what you can do to achieve them.

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3 Mindsets That Make Ordinary People Wealthy

Ordinary People Wealthy

I was talking to a friend recently about strategies that make ordinary people wealthy. Often, people talk about trying to spend less by budgeting, saving more, and investing. Or working harder to earn more.

These things definitely help. But we all know that without a good budget, savings, and investing plan, it’s hard to build wealth.

After all, even rich people go broke when they spend more than they earn without saving anything.

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Small Habits That Rewire Your Mind to Be Better

Small Habits that Rewire Your Mind

Many people used to think that reaching a certain age meant your brain stopped evolving. That’s where the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” comes from.

It might be harder to rewire your mind as you get older. But recent studies have shown that’s not entirely true.1Source: Frontiers

Our brains are more like plastic that you can mold. It exhibits “neuroplasticity,” which means our brains constantly shape who we are.2Source: Hindawi

In fact, every time we learn a new skill, our brain adapts. It can change in size and structure to accommodate the new things we learn. Our brain evolves.

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