10 Rules For Writing Thought-Provoking Articles

thought provoking articles
6 min read

Do find writing new articles hard? Contrary to what most people think, it actually is hard.

Over the past five years, I’ve written nearly 400 articles and reached millions of readers. While some articles got more views than others, that’s not the way I measure myself. 

I look at engagement: How many readers take the time to share, comment, or even email you their thoughts about the article? That’s how I know my article and topic made a real impact. 

Here are 10 writing rules I always apply to do that.

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How To Generate New Article Ideas

new article ideas

4 min read The first lesson I had to learn as a serious writer is that inspiration isn’t something you wait for. I always assumed that writers got their new article ideas from some mystical force of nature. I imagined Hemingway sitting in a dark cafe in Paris. […]

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