The Pursuit Of Happiness Will Not Make You Happy

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A few years ago, I gave up my excessive pursuit of happiness. I used to think that the purpose of life was happiness. But that philosophy didn’t work for me. I realized that happiness is always a byproduct. 

When you spend time with people you love, you feel happy. When you invest four years in getting a degree, you feel happy and accomplished when you graduate. You feel happy when you come up with a useful idea at work. You feel happy when you finish a hard workout. You feel happy when you listen to good music. 

You see? Happiness is the byproduct of an action. It can be as simple as having a conversation with someone or listening to a song. 

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The Quickest ‘Hack’ To Happiness

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4 min readWe all claim we want happiness. And yet, many of us are unhappy.

We complain all the time. We fight with family members. We play dirty office politics with co-workers. We shout and scream at other drivers in traffic. We give random people on the street judgmental looks.

“Well, not me! I don’t do that stuff.”

Yes, you do. Why? Because you’re human. I do it too.

Look, we all know how to live a happy life. The formula for happiness is not some kind of secret.

We all know that money, status, fame, or respect does not make us happy. Happiness is a state of mind. It’s something that comes and goes.

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Things To Avoid When You Feel Lost


4 min read“Invert, always invert.” That’s my go-to strategy for finding solutions to challenges in my life and career.

In fact, that’s how I got started with blogging. While most bloggers focused on the “habits of billionaires,” I focused on the habits of unsuccessful people.

It’s a common thinking error to assume one can replicate success. “Well, if I do the same things as Elon Musk, I’ll be successful too!” To some degree, I think many of us would want that to be true. But one look around you will tell you it’s not. There are simply not that many billionaire entrepreneurs.

You’re more likely to succeed in life by looking at what unsuccessful people do. And then, simply avoid doing those things.

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