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On August 7, 2015, I published my first article on The last time I checked (May 2018), I published 212 articles on this blog—and it feels like I’m only getting started.

During that time, I’ve covered many different topics. But I’ve always written about things that are relevant to me and you, the reader. We face the same challenges. I only document how I deal with them here.

No matter what I do, I have one central question that drives my work: How can we live a useful life that matters?

I believe that a productive life equals a happy and fulfilling life. On this page, you can find my most read articles on life, productivity, habits, decision making, personal finance entrepreneurship, and more.

I hope they will help you to live a productive life. Enjoy! And feel free to join the journey.


  1. 25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago
  2. Work Fucking Hard
  3. The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness: It’s Usefulness
  4. Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head
  5. The Principles Of Life That Everyone Knows, But Only A Few Follow


  1. The Science Behind Procrastination And How You Can Beat It
  2. How To Read 100 Books A Year
  3. Know Thy Time: Peter Drucker’s Strategy To Become More Effective
  4. 20 Things That Will Make You More Productive Than Ever
  5. If You Want To Be More Productive, Research Shows You Need A Break


  1. Transform Your Life By Transforming Your Habits
  2. The Habits Of Unproductive People You Don’t Want To Copy
  3. Stop Imitating The Habits Of Successful People: It’s Killing You
  4. How To Stop Wasting Time and Improve Your Personal Effectiveness
  5. How To Successfully Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Decision Making

  1. How To Figure Out The Next Big Move In Your Life Journey
  2. Impatience: The Pitfall Of Every Ambitious Person
  3. How Do You Make Important Life Decisions?
  4. The Best Investment Decision I Have Ever Made
  5. Don’t Know What You Want? Improve These 7 Universal Skills

Personal Finance

  1. The Power Of Compounding
  2. 8 Books That Teach You To Be Rich
  3. Work Shouldn’t Be a Means To Earn Money


  1. How To Start A Blog Without Knowing How To Code
  2. Don’t Compete. Create!
  3. The Importance Of Self-Awareness For Entrepreneurs
  4. Being Different Beats Being Better
  5. Ryan Holiday: How To Create Products That Sell For Decades


  1. 10 Career Mistakes I Wish I Had Never Made
  2. How To Find Mentors
  3. Instead Of Trying To Find Your Passion, Let Your Passion Find You
  4. The Single Piece Of Advice That Changed The Course Of My Career
  5. Why I Decided To Quit My Corporate Job 365 Days Ago


  1. 30 Things I’ve Learned From Publishing 100 Articles
  2. The 7 Best Books I’ve Ever Read About Writing
  3. Read This If You Want To Keep A Journal But Don’t Know How
  4. The Most Important Working Habit Of Hemingway: Stop At The Height of Your Day
  5. 5 Practical Books I Reread Every Year To Live A Better Life


  1. How To Build The Self-Confidence You Need To Win At Life
  2. Slow Down: You’re Not Falling Behind
  3. 5 Ways To Build A Thicker Skin So You Can Go Through Life Smiling
  4. Stop Crowdsourcing Your Confidence


  1. Are You Wasting Your Life?
  2. These 20 Questions Will Improve Your Self-Awareness
  3. Stop Making These 15 Excuses That Are Holding You Back
  4. 10 Habits Of Unsuccessful People You Don’t Want To Copy


  1. How To Exercise 312 Times A Year
  2. The Number One Secret To Sleep That No One Tells You
  3. How To Start A Daily Running Habit
  4. How Running Changed My Life

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