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Thanks for checking out my blog. On July 7, 2015, I published my first article on The last time I checked, I published more than 500 articles on this blog about many different topics. But I’ve always written about topics that are related to personal growth.

By reading books and articles, we can accelerate our learning curve. Instead of spending a lifetime figuring things out through trial and error, you can learn faster from other people’s experiences. That’s the reason I started this blog.

On this page, you can find my best articles to read on life, productivity, habits, decision making, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and more.

So if you’re new to my site, reading my best articles will give you a good introduction. I hope they will help you to live a productive life. You can browse the articles by the most popular categories. Enjoy!


  1. Mental Models and Making Decisions You Don’t Regret — An overview of what mental models are and how you can use them to improve your decisions.
  2. Want To Make Better Decisions? Do This — A simple way to improve your decisions. Inspired by Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett.
  3. How To Be More Decisive In 3 Steps — Common cognitive errors and a 3-step framework for becoming a better decision-maker.

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  1. 8 Online Business Ideas That Generate Sustainable Revenue — The eight best and most viable online business ideas. A good place to start if you need inspiration.
  2. Essential Guide To Making Digital Products People Will Pay For — An expansive guide to making digital products. It’s the framework I’ve used to create my courses and books.
  3. How To Start A Blog Without Knowing How To Code — Every entrepreneur should have a blog. Here’s how you can get started.

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  1. 10 Small Habits That Have A Huge Return On Life — A list of my favorite habits. I stick to these habits every day, no matter what.
  2. Transform Your Life By Transforming Your Habits — A framework for changing your habits. This is a tried and tested method that works.
  3. The Habits Of Unproductive People You Don’t Want To Copy — Several bad habits I’ve learned to stop. When you remove these habits, you automatically become better.

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  1. The Stoic Path to Wealth: An ancient investing strategy for the modern world — The most important aspect of investing is managing your emotions. This article shows you how to do that.
  2. The Power Of Compounding — When you take advantage of the power of compounding, you can sit back and let your investments compound.
  3. Investing Fallacy: ‘You Must Start Early’ — A common thinking mistake is that investing is all about starting early. That’s just not true.

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Personal Finance

  1. The Five Pillars Of Wealth Building — A basic way of looking at wealth building. When you follow these five pillars, you will build wealth.
  2. 5 Money Rules That Will Increase Your Net Worth — Basic personal finance rules that help you to increase your net worth.
  3. How I’m Getting Richer Every Day — Simple actions I take to make sure I get just a little bit wealthier every day.

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  1. How I Beat Procrastination: Do It Today, Not Tomorrow — My motto for work. This is how I beat procrastination every time.
  2. The Science Behind Procrastination And How You Can Beat It — Why do we even procrastinate? What’s the science behind it?
  3. Procrastination Study: 88% Of The Workforce Procrastinates — I held a survey with more than 2200 participants. The outcomes are fascinating.

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  1. Know Thy Time: Peter Drucker’s Strategy To Become More Effective — The most important thing about productivity is to measure how you spend your time.
  2. The Pomodoro Method: Take Strategic Breaks To Improve Productivity — One of my favorite ways to improve my focus.
  3. 10 Ways to Raise Your Productivity Today — Quick tips for improving your productivity. These are simple tips we can apply without effort.

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  1. What Is Effective Writing? A Definition — Writing needs to be clear, credible, and persuasive. Otherwise, your reader won’t care enough to read it.
  2. 15 Brief Tips to Instantly Improve Your Writing — Quick ways you can instantly improve your writing without much effort.
  3. 10 Rules For Writing Thought-Provoking Articles — My best tips for writing articles. I’ve applied these tips to all the articles I’ve written.

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