How I’m Adjusting My Productivity System for the Distraction Age

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Ever since the early 2010s, people have been warning of the “age of distraction.” It’s no longer a warning. We’re definitely living through the Distraction Age. 

The start of the 2020s has shown all of us how draining it can be to deal with distractions. 

It’s no surprise so many of us feel chronically drained. There’s so much information we have to process and so many things we have to adjust to. 

On top of that, it seems like there’s even more uncertainty when it comes to the economy, health care, and the rising cost of living. 

Let’s not talk about the things we can’t control. Let’s focus on the only thing that’s inside your control: You. 

In this article, I’m sharing how I’ve adjusted my existing productivity strategy and how you can use these insights to improve yourself in an age of distraction.

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