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My story part 2: “What is your sustainable revenue stream?” The Darius Foroux Show

On this episode, I’m expanding on the previous one. Right after I finished recording part 1, another reader asked me how I generate revenue as a writer and teacher. I talk about that (and more) on this episode.  Learn more about — Receive weekly tips to become Wise & Wealthy Wise & Wealthy is a weekly newsletter full of proven ideas to become smarter and wealthier. I send this short email every Monday. Join for free here:
  1. My story part 2: “What is your sustainable revenue stream?”
  2. My story part 1: From being stuck to full-time author
  3. What I've been working on in 2022
  4. Becoming more financially robust
  5. Amy Shearn on writing, getting unstuck, and creativity

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I also have a library of podcast episodes available in case you’re new to my work. You will especially enjoy my podcast if you have enough from listening to the same people on different podcasts. I only interview people who’s work I find valuable. To me, that’s the best way to have a conversation that’s also valuable for the reader.

If you’re into interviews, check out my conversations with Derek Sivers and Cal Newport. Listeners enjoyed those episodes a lot.

If you’re into productivity, check out “How To Focus Better” and “How To Beat Procrastination With Systems.” Those episodes were received well my listeners who want to get more done.

If you’re curious about personal finance and wealth building, check out my popular episode “5 Tips To Get Rich Slowly.” In that episode, I talk about several practical tips I’ve learned. Not the standard get rich quick advice.

I also have an episode on strength training and fitness. I’ve been working out since I was 16 and experienced many injuries. On “5 Tips For More Effective Strength Training” I talk about how I changed my approach. As a result, I feel stronger and I’m no longer injured several times a year.

I’ve also experimented with added audio articles to my podcast. For example, I recorded an audio version of 10 Career Mistakes I Wish I Had Never Made. That’s one of my most-read articles on careers.

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