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How to Reboot Your Brain When It Breaks Down The Darius Foroux Show

In my experience, there are a few things you can do when your brain feels clogged. Get rid of your overwhelming goals: What’s a big goal that you really want to achieve badly? Something big. Delete it from your brain. Focus on the present and enjoy yourself. You can always come back to your goal later. Stop multitasking: Focus on one thing at a time. Take a few days off or work less: Your brain needs some rest! Limit negative inputs: Avoid negative people for a while. And also avoid negativity on social media and the news. Take a long walk: You’ll feel much calmer while getting some exercise. Sleep early: Avoid screens and take a book with you to bed. You wouldn’t keep your computer running without ever restarting it. Likewise, your brain needs to rest and rejuvenate, especially when pushed to its limits. More on each tip in this episode. Join the Financial Freedom Challenge I've created a free 5-day email course. It's called the Financial Freedom Challenge, and it will help you take control of your finances and start building wealth. Break free from living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to show for. Sign up here (no cost):
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I’ve also experimented with added audio articles to my podcast. For example, I recorded an audio version of 10 Career Mistakes I Wish I Had Never Made. That’s one of my most-read articles on careers.