7 Business Lessons I Learned from 7 Years of Writing

7 Business lessons from 7 years of writing

I started to write seriously in 2015. Until that point, I never thought of becoming a writer. I was also unaware of how writing is one of the best practices in life. And that it would teach me some of the most important business lessons.

Together with exercising, meditating, and reading; the practice of writing brought me many things, including a meaningful career. It also taught me lessons about life, which I’ve written about in the past.

In this article, I want to focus on the business lessons I learned from writing online for an audience. You can apply these lessons to any type of career or (solo) business. 

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3 Tips to Make Your Writing Persuasive

persuasive writer

“Sell me this pen.” That’s a popular line from the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo Dicaprio. The idea is that if you’re a great persuader you can convince any person to buy a pen.

These types of lines sound great in movies or in music, but they reflect real life. We don’t sell anything to anyone because no one likes to be sold.

Persuasive writing recognizes that fact.

And let’s be real, EVERY writer needs to be persuasive. Whether you’re a designer, project manager, nurse, or engineer, you communicate in the written word at work.

When you make your writing persuasive, you will get what you want more easily. We all write for a purpose in our careers. And you want to make sure that your words hit the mark.

That’s what persuasive writing is all about. And here are 3 tips on how to actually persuade people to act using your words.

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How to Succeed as a New Writer

New Writer Top Writer

I started my blog as an independent new writer in 2015. Over the years, I’ve published over 400 articles, 7 books, and 7 online courses.

There have been frustrations and challenges along the way. But I’ve learned that new writers have a better chance of success when they avoid common mistakes and follow “best practices” from the start.

“Success” can mean different things. To me, it’s about making a good living. Not necessarily to get rich (which is also great, but not the primary goal).

Here are 5 important lessons I’ve learned about success as a writer. These things might sound obvious, but I wouldn’t overlook them. Success is often simpler than we think.

It’s all about the execution. Here we go.

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6 Steps to Get Rich as a Writer

rich writer effective writing

20 years ago, being able to get rich as a fully-independent writer would’ve been close to impossible. Today’s technology and the internet changed all that.

But that also means more people can access these opportunities. Everyone can post online, which is what makes it also competitive.

But with the right strategy and dedication, it’s definitely doable to earn a good living. I started blogging in 2015. About three years later, I started generating six figures of profit a year. I’ve used that profit to invest and generate a net worth of seven figures.

I share this to say it’s possible. You can get rich as a writer. And to be honest, you can get rich in any profession if you’re serious about learning the skills you need to succeed.

The tips I’m about to share aren’t get-rich-quick fixes. These things take serious work and commitment.

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