Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

law of attraction
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I like the basic idea behind the law of attraction. It says that your thoughts determine the outcome of your life. It reminds me of what one my favorite thinkers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said: “You become what you think about all day long.”

He’s not the only one who said something similar. The Stoic philosopher and emperor, Marcus Aurelius, said the same thing about 1800 years earlier: “Your life is what your thoughts make it.”

You can’t disagree with that statement. The quality of our thoughts determines the outcome of our lives. Even Eastern philosophy agrees. The Buddha said: “Whatever a monk keeps pursuing with his thinking and pondering, that becomes the inclination of his awareness.”

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How To Be More Assertive


3 min read I learned to be assertive from my mother. She always expresses her feelings, is comfortable with saying no, acts in her family’s best interest, and also thinks about the common good. She’s the most assertive person I know. No one can take advantage of her. […]

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1 Habit That Changed My Life

the habit of looking below the surface - iceberg

4 min read It’s 2020, you don’t need a blogger, YouTuber, or social media person to tell you that reading, exercising, meditating, eating nutrient-dense food, journaling, and drinking enough water are good habits. I’ve written those types of articles as well. But society is slowly changing. People are […]

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