How I Deal With Anxiety

thick skin
3 min read

One of my friends recently experienced sudden bouts of anxiety. Since he knew I’ve been there too, he asked me: “How do you deal with anxiety?”

That’s a good question. In the past, I looked for ways to “get over” or “beat” anxiety. I was looking for a cure.

After reading dozens of books and hundreds of articles on the subject, I’ve found the answer: Anxiety can’t be cured. It must be dealt with.

Dealing with anxiety is an ongoing battle for most of us. It’s not a game or tournament. It’s not like you can beat anxiety once and be over with it forever.

Too often, people say they have “beaten” anxiety. I don’t buy that. The only way you can truly beat anxiety is if you hide from life’s hardship.

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17 Hard Truths About Life I Ignored For Way Too Long

stuck in quicksand
3 min read

I recently got stuck. My attention was scattered, my energy was low, and I didn’t do good work.

At those times, I think of something I learned from one of my friends and mentors: Always return to the basics.

When you’re overwhelmed, confused, or lack drive; return to the basics of life. Ask yourself: What makes a good life? What you’ll find is that you already know the answer. The problem is that you ignore it because the truth is uncomfortable.

So after I got stuck last time, I thought of the hard things about life I was ignoring. Once I returned to these lessons, everything improved again. Here’s the list I made for myself. Remember, these lessons are uncomfortable, but deep down, we all know how important they are.

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If You Feel Like You Need A Break, Take One

vacation cartoon
4 min read

You recharge your phone when it runs out of juice. You refill your gas tank when you’re running on empty.

But sometimes, you forget to do the same for your most precious possession: Your body (and the brain that’s inside of it).

Whether you love what you do, are in between jobs, or have a job you hate: You’re working. Living is also a job. A pretty tough one, actually. Just the act of getting up in the morning can be a daunting task. And I’m not even talking about all the responsibilities we have.

So why do you make your life even more challenging by not taking a vacation to recharge? I’m not talking about your weekends that are packed with activities, or holidays where you do more work than relax.

No, that type of “free time” only costs energy. I’m talking about resting with a very specific reason: To recharge your battery so you can get back to living a productive life.

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