Investing Fallacy: ‘You Must Start Early’

investing fallacy
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“The S&P500 was up 30% last year! I need to get in on that.” Every few months, you hear that all kinds of people got rich by investing in the latest trendy thing. And you, my friend, missed out.

One moment we all need to get into real estate, the other moment index funds are the best thing, and then it’s gold.

Before you know it, you’re sitting in a hotel conference room with a dozen strangers, listening to a presentation about timeshares. “Can it get better than this? Buy a vacation home, enjoy it, AND make money off it the rest of the year!”

Where’s the dotted line? I’m ready to sign.

Oh wait, I changed my mind, I’d rather go to a casino and bet all my money on red at the roulette table. Look, I’m making fun of those things because I’ve been there too. I’ve lost money on stupid deals.

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How To Be More Assertive


3 min read I learned to be assertive from my mother. She always expresses her feelings, is comfortable with saying no, acts in her family’s best interest, and also thinks about the common good. She’s the most assertive person I know. No one can take advantage of her. […]

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1 Habit That Changed My Life

the habit of looking below the surface - iceberg

4 min read It’s 2020, you don’t need a blogger, YouTuber, or social media person to tell you that reading, exercising, meditating, eating nutrient-dense food, journaling, and drinking enough water are good habits. I’ve written those types of articles as well. But society is slowly changing. People are […]

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