Why You’re Scared of Investing (and how to overcome it)

Scared of investing

My heart is racing. My hands are so wet from my sweat that I can’t even get a good grip on the computer mouse.

After hearing many stories from people who lost money, I feared investing. But I still to get in on the game. I wanted to get rich badly.

But my stomach felt like it was inside out. I collected all the courage inside me. Then, I finally did it. Boom! I bought my first stocks.

This was in 2007, and I STILL remember how I felt. That’s how scary investing is. Over the years, I started to control my emotions to a degree that I don’t even feel the slightest itch when I invest my money.

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The “Right” Way to Multitask

Right way to multitask

Science keeps telling everyone that multitasking is bad.1Source: NCBI When you multitask, it takes a toll on your productivity.2Source: APA.org

Switching between two different technologies (like watching TV while posting on social media) can negatively affect your long-term and working memory.3Source: Springer

But people still do it. Research even found out why: Multitaskers feel that they’re getting more things done, even if multitasking has little positive correlation to their effectiveness.4Source: PLOS Journal

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7 Timeless Investing Ideas from Bernard Baruch

Bernard Baruch Investing Ideas

Born in 1870, in Camden, South Carolina, Bernard Baruch started his finance career by working as a runner for stock brokers.

In 1899, he bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange for $19,000 (equivalent to roughly $670,000 today) with the money he made from trading stocks.1Source: Forbes

By the time he was 33, in 1903, Baruch had amassed an estimated fortune of $3 million.2Source: Nasdaq That’s about $105 million in today’s dollars.3Source: In2013Dollars.com

Baruch isn’t as well-known as his contemporary, Jesse Livermore (who I feature in my latest book , The Stoic Path to Wealth). It’s likely because Baruch wasn’t as fond of the spotlight as Livermore was.

As a business owner, Baruch founded a company that dominated the rubber market in the United States. His partners in the enterprise included big names like John D. Rockefeller Jr., the son of the Standard Oil tycoon, and the philanthropist George Foster Peabody, among others.4Source: University of California Press

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Learn From People Who DO; Not Those Who “Preach”

Learn from people who do

When it comes to valuable skills and training, we must learn from people who successfully executed what we aim to learn. And avoid those who can only talk about it.

The other day I heard about a new marketing trick that many newsletters use to collect new subscribers.

When I looked at the website of the service, I saw they featured a few prominent newsletters as “users” of them. So I thought, “Let me see what that looks like on their websites.”

Guess what?! The first two I checked didn’t even use the service. They might’ve used it at some point, but they weren’t using it at the time I checked.

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