How to Use Money as a Tool for Happiness and Fulfillment

Money as a tool

I’ve always tried to look at money as a tool, not an end. Since late 2021, I’ve probably spent more on travel than in the 5 years before 2020. 

Part of it is because I didn’t travel due to covid. But I also was not traveling much before that anyway. I’ve been really focused on writing and creating courses since 2016. 

So I traveled just once a year for a vacation. But in the past 18 months, I’ve probably spent six months abroad.

The other day I was calculating how much money I spent and thought, “Wow, I could’ve invested all that money and have more wealth later.”

This is the mind of an analytic person. Because I have that awareness, I stopped myself and remembered that accumulating money for the sake of having more is not my goal.

I consider myself a financially responsible person. I think 5 times before I spend. I don’t live an extravagant lifestyle. I enjoy small things. And I think it’s a virtue to spend wisely.

But sometimes I take it too far. So I always remind myself: Money is a tool, not an end.

How are you using money?

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