7 Income Generating Skills That Will Set You Free

income generating skills
4 min read

One of my readers recently asked: “I like the idea of building a career based on strengths and skills. What are good skills to acquire? Skills that help you to generate income.”

That’s one of the best questions I’ve received. I often write about how Peter Drucker and many other business thinkers believe that you should generate more value in the market place.

And that the best way to generate value is by acquiring valuable skills. But what are skills that are actually valuable to organizations? In my experience, there are many skills that are useful.

But there are 7 skills that actually produce income because they instantly impact the bottom line of an organization. I only stick to skills that every professional can and should acquire. Here they are.

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Give Me 5 Minutes and I’ll Give You 5 Ways To Earn More

5 ways to earn more money
5 min read

Every time I write and talk about personal finance, people ask me, “But how I do make more money?”

Making money is not that hard. You’re probably making your share of cash right now. That means you already know how to do it, right? That’s one of the first things I learned about money.

You have to look at making money as something you already know how to do. If you have a job or ever had a job, you know how to do it. Now, making more money on your own, that’s the next step.

But if you think it’s impossible, you’ll never do it. You need to stop thinking that only the privileged or fortunate ones can earn more. That’s not only false but it’s also self-sabotage.

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4 Things I Gave Up To Be Free

what it takes to be free
4 min read

True freedom is to live as you are, to do what you want, and to spend time with people you like.

For many of us, true freedom is a distant dream. We’re tied down by obligations that we never wanted in the first place. So why do we still end up living a life we don’t want?

We live in deception because the truth is too painful. But no one wants to live in deception, as the stoic philosopher Epictetus once observed (quote is from The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday):

“Who wishes to live in deception—tripped up, mistaken, undisciplined, complaining, in a rut? No one. These are base people who don’t live as they wish; and so, no base person is free.”

We all know that everything has a price. So what does it take to be truly free? If you want to live on your own terms and do as you please, you must give up the following 4 things.

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