5 Money Mistakes You Can Avoid to Achieve Financial Freedom


I came across a study the other day that asked people where they burned most of their hard-earned money. 

The answer of over 64 million Americans? “Having fun.” I don’t think there’s much wrong with having fun. But when we spend too much on having fun, we often end up regretting it when we suffer financially.

The problem is especially when we spend money we don’t have. Looking back, most people don’t think it’s worth it to work yourself into debt.

When we overspend, it’s usually for leisure or on things we desire, but don’t really need. It’s a classic money mistake that many of us have made. 

It really makes a difference when we stop spending money on the things we don’t need. When we do that every day, and if we invest our money wisely, we build inevitable wealth.

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