Cicero: Why Frugality is The Root of Riches

Cicero Frugality and Riches

Marcus Tullius Cicero was one of ancient Rome’s most well-known philosophers, writers, and statesmen. But he showed how even privileged people can practice frugality. 

Despite being born into wealth and not having to worry about money during his entire lifetime, Cicero was a frugal person.

During his governorship of the Roman province of Cilicia in 51 BC, Cicero also applied his philosophy of frugality to the administration of his office. This made him immensely popular among the local population. 

Cicero once said:

“The world has not yet learned the riches of frugality.”

The fact that he was so frugal and emphasized the importance of it is remarkable. If he desired, he could live the most lavish life. But instead, he chose philosophy, morals, and frugal living. 

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