Think Differently by Inverting Your Questions


Whenever I wanted to take a dietary supplement, I would often search for something like, “benefits of X.” 

X could be anything: From vitamin c to ashwagandha (a herb that’s been popular in recent years). I would also use that same line of thinking for other things I was interested in trying. For example, what are the benefits of…

  • a vegan diet
  • running every day
  • waking up early
  • trading stocks

This is the most common mental model when it comes to researching something. We tend to look at the positives.

But what happens when you only look at the positives? You risk overlooking the negatives, which could be very costly. 

From studying the mental models and thinking methods of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, I learned that it’s important to invert your questions. You must force yourself to look at the negatives as well. So you can avoid them.

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