To Become A Better Writer, Become A Listener

writing is strategy
3 min read

If you become a listener, I guarantee you will become a better writer by simply becoming more aware of your surroundings.

Writing is only 10% execution. The rest of it is strategy. And one big part of writing strategy is listening. Too many writers are focused on the wrong things.

When I started, I spent a lot of time looking at what other writers did. I looked at their websites, social media, and the stuff they wrote about. If I wasn’t doing that, I was probably looking at my stats.

As if looking at the number of weekly new subscribers will make it grow faster. If that was the case, I would have 100 million subscribers now. It’s a waste of your time. And if you keep wasting your time like that, who says you’re not wasting the reader’s time?

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How To Generate New Article Ideas

new article ideas

4 min read The first lesson I had to learn as a serious writer is that inspiration isn’t something you wait for. I always assumed that writers got their new article ideas from some mystical force of nature. I imagined Hemingway sitting in a dark cafe in Paris. […]

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