Do You Care Enough?

Do You Care Enough

If you want to succeed at what you’re doing, this is a question you need to ask yourself: “Do I really care enough about my job?”

Do you care about being the best in the world? Or putting in the hours to improve your craft? Are the rewards of your work worth all the sacrifices you made?

Because if the answer is not a resounding “YES!” then it’s time to reconsider what you’re doing. “But winners never quit, right?” Not exactly. Successful people do quit. The difference between a successful and a not-successful person is this: The former knows how to quit the wrong things. And they quit it at just the right time.

“Wrong things” means jobs and careers you don’t truly care about. If you’re only working a job to pay the bills, that’s understandable as long as it’s temporary. (If your finances are so bad right now, you can check this guide to have a better overview of the steps you can take).

Eventually, you’ll need to put some serious thought into your career. You don’t want to spend all your life chasing after bills, do you?

Back when I worked in sales, I saw how other people could succeed even in high-pressure, high-competition industries. I saw folks who were considered great. And they often had some things in common:

  • They showed up early and stayed late
  • They paid a lot of attention to the details
  • They set very high standards for their results and stuck to it
  • and so forth.

But here’s the thing: People who imitated those habits didn’t become the best. That’s an assumption many people make. Just copy the habits of successful people and you’ll succeed too, right? But that’s not the deciding factor of success.

Instead, I learned that people who became the best in their fields took their job 10 times more seriously than everybody else. And that’s exactly what made them succeed the way they did.

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The Odds Of Making Money Are Against You

Odds Of Making Money

When you start your career, you’re more likely to fail. And making money becomes harder.

Ouch. That hurts. But it’s better this lesson hurts you now than let failure discourage you.

According to data about the failure rate of small businesses, somewhere between 5% and 25% of new businesses make it beyond 15 years.1This data is not conclusive. Some sources mention a long-term failure rate of 95% and others mention 75%.

My dad and I started a wholesale company of laundry equipment in 2010, and our company is still around today. None of the companies that started around the same time in our industry are alive now.

Our competitors are the ones who were already in business long before we started. The new players came and went. So the success rate really depends on your industry. In my experience, 95% of new businesses are no longer around 10 years later.

You can say the same thing about writers. I started writing in 2015. I saw many people who started around the same time in my category. Other than a handful of others, I don’t think the others are around. 

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How to Change Careers Even When You Are ‘Super Afraid’


One of my readers recently emailed me about making the decision to change careers. Like so many of us, she felt stuck in her job and found herself worrying about paying the bills.

She knew it was time for a change, and she wrote, “Part of me knows this is the correct step but I am also super afraid.”

If you’re currently thinking about making a career change or transition, this article is for you.

I share the case study of a guy who’s gone through various career changes. And I also include insights from my own experience when I changed careers back in 2015.

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My Fail-Proof Sleeping Technique to Fall Asleep Faster

fall asleep faster sleeping technique

Sleeping problems have been increasing for decades. And since Covid, numbers have been going up drastically. It’s become more challenging nowadays to fall asleep faster.

The American Psychological Association recently reported that two-thirds of Americans are not sleeping as they desire.1Source: APA

Everyone knows what a big impact sleep has on the quality of our lives. There’s a proven relationship between sleep and mental and physical health. 

Entire books have been dedicated to sleep and how we can improve it in our lives. But despite all of the helpful content out there, we still struggle with getting a good night’s sleep.

In my experience, sleep is a topic we shouldn’t make complicated. The more I read about it and the more I overthink it, the harder it gets to sleep. I think that’s because sleep is something we can’t force.

Telling yourself to go to sleep hardly ever works. And most of the lengthy books and videos about sleep contain so much information that it’s overwhelming.

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