Every Experience Is Worth Having

chasing experiences
3 min read

Do you feel this urge to experience life to the fullest? Do you feel like you need to do more in life?

A lot of people have a bucket list with a lot of great things on that list. And they chase those things desperately. “I don’t need to buy a new car or have a fancy job, I want to have great experiences.” 

When I stopped my habit of consumerism and got out of the rat race, that was my mentality. I was reading philosophy and personal development books, which gave me the inspiration to live differently. 

I’m not alone. Millions of people all over the world are saying goodbye to traditional beliefs and prefer to live differently. They want to travel the world, enjoy the company of others, hike in the Andes, watch air balloons in Turkey, go surfing, you name it.

We’re chasing experiences. But we’re missing out on the real experience of life.

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