What Factors Predict Whether A Person Becomes Successful?

succes predictors
4 min read

I stumbled upon this question on Quora the other day: “What is the best indicator of a person who will become successful one day?” 

The person is trying to reverse-engineer success. If you know what predicts success, you can simply adopt those indicators. But there’s one problem. What is success? People get fussed up about this all the time.

To me, a successful person is simply someone who achieves what they set out to do. My mother’s goal was to become a good mother. My father’s goal was to own a business. They are both successful because they achieved what they set out to do. 

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1 Habit That Changed My Life

the habit of looking below the surface - iceberg

5 min read It’s 2020, you don’t need a blogger, YouTuber, or social media person to tell you that reading, exercising, meditating, eating nutrient-dense food, journaling, and drinking enough water are good habits. I’ve written those types of articles as well. But society is slowly changing. People are […]

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