My 88-Year-Old Grandfather’s Approach to Habit-Forming

habit-forming wisdom
5 min read

My grandpa recently turned 88 years old. When I gave him a call on his birthday, he was as energetic as ever. I know he’s a disciplined man who relies on very strict routines. But I realized I never asked him about his habit-forming process.

He’s been doing the same things for all of his adult life. Back then, there were no books and blogs on habits. For example, he’s been going to bed and waking up at the same time for ages. 

Another thing he does is going for a daily walk. And he recently got a stationary bike that he also uses every day. One of the things I’ve been writing about for years is that you don’t need to look at scientific research on habits to figure out what to do.

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Stop Worrying About Missed Habits

missed habits

4 min read What do you do when you missed your habits for a day? If you’re like most of us, you probably get disappointed with yourself. We realize how important habits are, and we try hard to stick to them. And there’s a vast body of research […]

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