The Paradox of Happiness: Why Desiring More Makes Us Miserable

Happiness Paradox

A foundational idea in modern society is that we all need to strive for more. You can see this everywhere, from movies, books, articles, to the way people speak in private.

We often say something like, I want to be.. smarter, more successful, better, faster, etc. We’re always thinking about some kind of future moment when we will have more of whatever we’re after. More money, status, respect, love. 

You see the desire for more in many ads as well. One of the best examples is a marketing campaign that Mcdonald’s ran a few years ago called “You deserve more.” It’s about their breakfast, and apparently, Micky D thinks we all deserve to have “more savory, more sweet.” 

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How to Be Wise

how to be wise

What does it mean to be wise? To me, it has nothing to do with a person’s IQ or degree. A wise person is someone who applies common sense.  That sounds paradoxical, right? Common sense is common after all. It’s about the insights, lessons, and […]

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