Things To Avoid When You Feel Lost

4 min read

“Invert, always invert.” That’s my go-to strategy for finding solutions to challenges in my life and career.

In fact, that’s how I got started with blogging. While most bloggers focused on the “habits of billionaires,” I focused on the habits of unsuccessful people.

It’s a common thinking error to assume one can replicate success. “Well, if I do the same things as Elon Musk, I’ll be successful too!” To some degree, I think many of us would want that to be true. But one look around you will tell you it’s not. There are simply not that many billionaire entrepreneurs.

You’re more likely to succeed in life by looking at what unsuccessful people do. And then, simply avoid doing those things.

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How I Measure Happiness

measuring happiness
3 min read

The dialogue about happiness has not changed much for the past 3000 years since ancient Greek and Roman times.

But people pretend that everything has changed and that more people are unhappy than ever. That’s supposed to be because we’re more connected than ever.

You read it all the time. “Technology makes people feel lonely and depressed!”

I agree that technology itself has changed. But human nature has not. People have been unhappy, lonely, miserable, and sad since the start of modern civilization. We still ask ourselves questions like:

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Stop Extrapolating Your Perceptions

3 min read

I bet that you’re extrapolating your perceptions all the time. Let me give you a few examples and tell whether I’m wrong.

  • “House prices will probably keep increasing.”
  • “That person will never change.”
  • “My business will keep growing.”
  • “I will never learn from my mistakes.”
  • “He doesn’t like me.”

We often have these type of thoughts multiple times a day. The root of this problem is our quick judgment.

Humans are very fast thinkers. But how fast do we even think?

Scientists have quantified the speed of light and sound, but when it comes to thoughts, it’s not that easily measured.

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