Financial & Emotional Freedom: What Does It Take?

money and happiness
5 min read

I always worked for financial freedom. But I chased the wrong thing. I wanted emotional freedom.

Money doesn’t make you happy. And yet, we need it to live. So what do we do? Try hard to make more money? Or, be content with what we have?

The problem is that both options come with high costs.

We’ve all heard about the research that says you won’t be happier if you earn more than $75K or some other magic figure.

We’ve all heard about these studies by now. And yet, it doesn’t make a bit of impact on the way we live.

At least, those findings never changed the way I chased money in my life. And neither did it change anyone I personally know.

The problem with these averages is that they are averages. And yet, mindless writers keep quoting this research that says money doesn’t make you happy.

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Goals Don’t Replace Systems - And Vice Versa

goals and systems
4 min read

People who claim that setting goals are a bad thing are out of their minds. They probably set some goals in the past, failed, and never set a goal again.

I know there’s a lot of confusion about goals and systems these days. I’ve contributed to the confusion as well.

A lot of us share the idea that you either have a system or set goals.

But thinking “this or that” is not helpful because it limits our beliefs. I know this because I used to think that way too. But then, I learned that many things in life could be this and that.

So in this article, I’ll explain why goals and systems complement each other, and why I have both.

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How To Manage Your Mood

the impact of mood
4 min read

Are you currently in a good mood or a bad mood?

Now, let me ask you another question: How is your day? I bet that you’re having a bad day if you’re in a bad mood, and a good day if you’re in a good mood.

That’s obvious, right? But here’s the thing; since it has such a big impact on the quality of our lives, why aren’t we managing our mood better? Because let’s face it, we shouldn’t let a bad mood ruin our day.

And yet, I never hear people about managing their mood. We all assume that our mood is influenced by outside factors. Things that we do not control.

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