How You Can Become An Authority In Your Field


Every expert or thought leader knows that authority is crucial. Without it, no one would ever listen to us. 

Robert Cialdini, a professor of marketing, business, and psychology, famously wrote about the principle of authority, in his book Influence. He found that, because of the fast pace of the modern world, people have resorted to “fixed-action patterns.”

When it comes to the science of influence and persuasion, authority means that you’re respected by other people. When you have authority, others will listen to what you have to say. You will be trusted.

Since people are too busy to study everything in detail or weigh all the pros and cons before making a purchase, they rely on the simplified idea of authority. If someone is trusted by our peers, we also instantly trust them. 

It’s no wonder that people are eager to appear authoritative in their fields. It’s the #1 way to get people to listen to you. So how do you become an authority in your field? Here are 4 steps that I’ve followed.

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