Focus On Your Skills—Not On Finding Hacks

focus on your skills not on hacks
3 min read

When I started my first business ten years ago, I remember many internet marketers were selling Google ads courses and books. They made it look like everyone could become a millionaire by slapping up some Google ads.

You just had to follow their tactics. That was all! Sweet deal, right? 

Well, here’s what happened behind the scenes. While those internet marketers were selling products about Google ads, they were doubling down on Facebook ads. 

This happens all the time. Info products that are built around tactics and hacks are always about stuff that worked in the past. If you bought those Google ads courses back then, you were being misled. The real action happened on Facebook.

In fact, Facebook is where those internet marketers got their traffic from!

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10 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

best affiliate programs

6 min read Affiliate Marketing has a bad rep in the digital marketing world. Too many marketers try to sell products that they haven’t even tried. They’re just there to make a quick buck.  Here’s the secret to affiliate marketing success: Trust.  Affiliate marketing is all about making […]

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