If You’re Not Skipping Some Tasks, You’re Making Life Harder

skipping tasks

Sometimes you run into a challenge that stops you in your tracks. And you have this voice in your head that says, “I NEED to solve this thing. Otherwise, I can’t move on.”

Remember when you had to take tests in school, and you would run into a question you didn’t have the answer to? 

What do you do when you run into a challenge like that? Do you keep trying hard to remember the answer or to solve the problem?

Or do you skip the question and finish the test first before you come back to it? For many years, I did the former. I always assumed you needed to complete a test from start to finish

I used to be pretty anxious before taking tests. But one time, a teacher told me, “Just skip a question you don’t have the answer to.” This advice was golden to me as a kid. 

Previously, I thought things like, “What if I get stuck?”

Now, I think, “So what if I get stuck? I’ll just skip it!”

I still apply that advice in my adult life. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I get so much done.

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