Waste a Few Hours, so You Don’t Waste Years

Waste Hours to Save Years

Being productive doesn’t mean utilizing every waking minute to do productive things. That’s why I don’t like “hustle culture.” I don’t need to be busy every minute.

Sometimes, spending a day doing various things around the house, maybe taking walk or doing some reading, can actually be more useful. These moments help us examine our lives.

But high achievers and ambitious people often have a problem with doing nothing. They feel like they need to be productive every single minute. So they get busy with minor things.

For example, when highly productive entrepreneurs have spare time, it’s not unusual to see them making minor improvements to their business. They optimize their websites, clean up their brick-and-mortar shops, do more research on their industry, and so forth.

It’s great to have the desire to improve yourself and your career. But you also don’t want to be too extreme with busywork.

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