Wasted Time Today? Here’s How to Get Back on Track


We’ve all wasted time. But sometimes, we waste a bit too much time. The other day I watched a Skip & Shannon video on YouTube (a sports show mostly about the NBA and NFL), and then, I watched another video about the NBA. I watched the first video around 10 pm.

The next time I looked at the clock, it was about 12:15 am. Wait, what? More than 2 hours on my tablet? What happened? Well, wasting time. That’s what happened. 

When you do it occasionally in your free time, it’s no big deal. But there are many people who waste time during the day at work. A while back, I did a study and found that at least 88% of the workforce admits to procrastinating for at least one hour on a typical workday.1Source:Procrastination study

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