My Fail-Proof Sleeping Technique to Fall Asleep Faster

fall asleep faster sleeping technique

Sleeping problems have been increasing for decades. And since Covid, numbers have been going up drastically. It’s become more challenging nowadays to fall asleep faster.

The American Psychological Association recently reported that two-thirds of Americans are not sleeping as they desire.1Source: APA

Everyone knows what a big impact sleep has on the quality of our lives. There’s a proven relationship between sleep and mental and physical health. 

Entire books have been dedicated to sleep and how we can improve it in our lives. But despite all of the helpful content out there, we still struggle with getting a good night’s sleep.

In my experience, sleep is a topic we shouldn’t make complicated. The more I read about it and the more I overthink it, the harder it gets to sleep. I think that’s because sleep is something we can’t force.

Telling yourself to go to sleep hardly ever works. And most of the lengthy books and videos about sleep contain so much information that it’s overwhelming.

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How I Treat My Own Back

back pain

Any physical impairment has an impact on your mood, energy, and productivity. I’ve had lower back issues since I was 15 years old. And it haunted me many years through college, grad school, and my career after that. Ever since it started, I was conditioned […]

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