Want to Succeed? Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


When we think about success, we almost always make comparisons. That’s how people end up chasing titles, recognition, number of followers, or more income.

That’s a shame because most people start with the best intentions. You might want to:

  • Organize yoga retreats
  • Do more freelancing work for a handful of clients who appreciate you
  • Start a business by doing work you enjoy, and that creates value
  • Invest in real estate or companies that are undervalued

So you start out well. You do the right thing. You educate yourself. You get after it.

But after working a while, you get bored. Results might not come as quickly as you expected. The work is hard. People are ignoring you.

During those times, you need to be better. But instead, you get distracted by comparing yourself to others. That’s destructive behavior. Comparing oneself to others has destroyed many people’s good intentions.

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