Stop Imitating The Habits Of Successful People: It’s Killing You

Stop Imitating The Habits Of Successful People

Have you seen them? Articles and books that promise you the secrets to success? Save yourself some time and stop reading them. I’ll tell you why in a minute.

There are many kinds of those “success-articles.” The ones that suggest there’s a difference between winners and losers are my favorite.

Stuff like: “This behavior separates successful people from average people.” Or how about articles that list the habits of Millionaires or Billionaires? It’s so predictable.

Those type of articles and books are designed to give you a good feeling about yourself. “See! I have all the traits of successful people. I’m one of them!”

They always focus on the outcome. Not the process. Studying, learning, and stealing productive habits or tactics are all smart things to do. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I talk about people who only focus on the outcome. I.e. success.

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The One Thing Nobody Ever Told You About Personal Branding

myth of personal branding

Don’t be an idiot.

And while we’re at it, a personal brand is hugely overrated. It suggests that you can advance your career by creating a reputation.

But don’t fool yourself. A reputation, or personal brand, is something you don’t fully control.

A lot of people try to tell you that you have to “enhance” your brand. I’ve heard it since 2004 when I got my first sales job while I was in college. The advice was, “work on your personal brand, and you can make a promotion very quickly.”

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How To Study People You Admire And Ask For Their Advice

I often talk about how I like to learn from other people. The primary way I do that is by just studying them.

In most cases, you don’t even need to contact people to learn from them. That’s why people write books and blog posts. That’s also why entrepreneurs speak at events or create courses.

It’s far more effective to use a medium that allows you to reach a lot of people to spread ideas. Otherwise, people would spend their whole lives to do 1-on-1 conversations and emails.

When someone writes a book, they can reach everyone who is interested.

And yet, a lot of people believe they should randomly email people and ask for advice. Why? You can get most of the advice you need by reading the person’s book or blog.

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Why I Don’t Believe In Work-Life Balance

Do you get drained trying to find a balance between activities in your life and career?

There’s work, promotions, goals, making money on one side of the equation. And on the other side, there’s health, family, friends, holidays, you name it.

Here comes the main challenge: How do you balance everything?

When we talk about work–life balance, we talk about the prioritizing between work related things and lifestyle related things.

What do you do?

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What’s Your Strategy For 2017?

Every year around this time I stop almost everything I do and focus on one thing, and one thing only: Strategy.

I’ve been doing that for the past 5 years in October. It’s the perfect time I’ve found. Because it’s not too late to make shit happen in the current year. And it’s not too late to plan the next year.

You and I both know what happens when December comes: Shenanigans. Busyness. End of year blues. Whatever. December is just not a good time for strategy. 

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