The Most Important Working Habit Of Hemingway: Stop At The Height of Your Day

3 min read

One of my favorite things to study is the working habits of people I look up to. I’ve read about athletes, entrepreneurs, painters, musicians, writers, etc.

And from studying people who were successful in their field, I’ve learned a lot about how they got their work done. A great book to get inspiration about the habits of interesting people is Daily Rituals by Mason Curry.

One thing is sure: Everyone who achieved some form of success, accomplished it by working. But work can happen in many different ways.

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30 Things I’ve Learned From Publishing 100 Articles

4 min read

On August 7, 2015, I published my first article on When I hit that publish button I had no idea where it would lead to. I also had zero expectations about how many people would read my stuff.

Now, 100 articles further (this is #101), things are a lot different. I never thought I’d meet so many great people through blogging. I also never thought I would end up drawing my own blog images (I was always the least creative kid in school).

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