Is There A Blueprint To Success?

success formula
4 min read

No. At least, I haven’t found it yet. And I guess the same goes for you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. These days, I’m seeing more and more people who pretend they have the “blueprint to success.”

And that they can teach others how to become successful writers, artists, investors, entrepreneurs, and so forth. It’s annoying.

The stories are always something like this: “Look at how many views I got! And I made X dollars!” And then, they say, “Get my course on making money online!” What?! You want to show me how to make money? 

Why are these people not just doing it themselves if it works so well? That’s what we think when we see those messages. You can teach skills, but you can’t teach outcomes.

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I’m Starting A New Blog

2 min readI started my first website and blog in 2011 when I started my first business.

At the time, blogging was already very popular for businesses. In fact, some “experts” said that blogging was dead.

That’s so funny to me. People make these outrages claims all the time.

When I started my personal blog in 2015, it was exactly the same.

“Blogging is dead! Social media and video is where you need to be!”

Really? My social media activity is close to 0. And yet, my articles reach close to 250K people a month.

My whole strategy is blogging. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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Should You Build Your Own Audience or Focus On Guest Posting?

build your own blog

4 min read

“How do I build an audience? Should I try guest posting or focus on building a community on my own site?”

I asked myself those questions when I started blogging. I’ve learned that there are three types of options when it comes to building an audience:

  1. Post your articles on every platform that allows publishing (LinkedIn, Medium, Facebook, Tumblr). Some argue that it will increase your traffic.
  2. Only post your articles on your own site, and drive visitors exclusively to that site. Some argue it’s better for SEO traffic.
  3. Find a balance between the two above strategies (which is what I do, but more on that later).

You can be successful with all strategies. Some successful writers publish everywhere and syndicate their articles to a bunch of outlets (James Altucher). But other bloggers only stick to their own site (Mark Manson).

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