10 Rules to Make Your Writing so Persuasive People Can’t Ignore It 

10 Rules for Making Your Writing Persuasive

All good writing is persuasive by definition. 

Think about it. Would you read something that’s not enticing? With the millions of ways we can keep ourselves busy in today’s world, I certainly won’t.

I only read something when it’s so persuasive I can’t ignore it. And as a writer, my goal is to produce the same type of writing.

In fact, I believe every single word, sentence, and paragraph you write must be persuasive. Otherwise, it’s a waste of your time. Think of…

  • Email subject lines you write at work
  • Text messages you send to your partner, friends, co-workers
  • Ads of the things you’re selling on social media
  • Jobs you apply to

I can go on like that for a while. The idea is that you always need to be persuasive otherwise people won’t read your writing. And writing that gets ignored is bad.

The rest of this article contains 10 rules I’ve learned from writing persuasively. You can use these rules to inspire others to take action simply with your words.

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