8 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Best Writers In History

writers mindset

I’ve learned many lessons from studying successful writers. And whether you like it or not, you’re a writer. Think about it. What does a writer do?

A writer is someone who structures their thoughts and puts them into words. That’s something we all do every single day. When you’re in a meeting, having a fight with your spouse, negotiating a discount at the car dealership, or trying to raise your kids—you’re constantly putting your thoughts into words.

Sure, you’re not writing down your thoughts. But that makes no difference. Writing is thinking. So if you want to be a better thinker and speaker, become better at writing.

And who else should we learn from than some of the best writers in history? In this article, I’m sharing 8 lessons I’ve learned from some of the greats. These lessons go beyond writing—they are about life. Here we go.

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