What Losing My Voice Taught Me About Leadership

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4 min read

As I’m writing this, I can hardly speak. I had an infection or virus and as a result, my so-called larynx is inflamed. That’s why I can’t use my voice.

You know that platitude, right? You only miss something when it’s gone. Man, do I miss my voice now it’s gone. Not in a “I love to hear myself talk” kind of way but in a “we really depend on our voice a lot to communicate” way. 

I wasn’t aware that I talk so much on an average day. Even though I write a lot, most things I do in my career rely on my voice. I still help run my family business and I regularly record training videos for my online classes.

I can still send emails or write articles like this one, but I can’t do much else. Initially, I was pissed off. But after two days, I realized there’s a lot I can learn from being silent. Here are 3 things I’ve learned until now.

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How To Be More Assertive


4 min read I learned to be assertive from my mother. She always expresses her feelings, is comfortable with saying no, acts in her family’s best interest, and also thinks about the common good. She’s the most assertive person I know. No one can take advantage of her. […]

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