Core Values List: 115 Values That I Filtered On Practicality

core values list
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Just like a healthy root system is essential for a healthy tree, core values are essential for a healthy life. They define our character and the way we live. Without values, we lack clarity about who we are and what we want in life. 

One of the foundational ideas in personal development is to create a value system for your life. To make this process easier for you, I went through more than 500 core values that I found on the internet.1This list of 500 on Threads Culture was useful, but had a lot of duplicates. So I also collected more than that, based on my own research. Values that leaders and inspirational people use. 

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How To Be More Assertive


4 min read I learned to be assertive from my mother. She always expresses her feelings, is comfortable with saying no, acts in her family’s best interest, and also thinks about the common good. She’s the most assertive person I know. No one can take advantage of her. […]

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