Leadership Lesson: Accept That People Are Different

leadership lesson

This is the biggest leadership lesson I’ve learned: Avoid trying to “mold” people.

Managers and leaders often talk about “getting everyone on the same page”. While they think that it is more productive if everyone works in the same way, the opposite is true. The real reason managers and whole companies try to get everybody on the same page are because they are weak and afraid. They think that molding everyone into a set of company values and processes will create a unified army of workers. This way of thinking is advocated by many managers. They believe that people will work better when they are more alike.

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How exercise improves the strength of your brain


There is a large body of research that shows the positive effects of exercise on our brain. In short, neuroscientists have found 2 main improvements. First, exercise improves alertness, attention, and motivation. Second, it stimulates the storage of new information in your brain.  In short, exercising will make you smarter.

That is good news. The bad news is that it takes real effort. There are no magic pills, super-effective 2 minute workouts, or other shortcuts. If you want to exercise your brain (your brain can actually increase in size), you have to put in the work. Similar to your muscles, your brain needs training to grow.

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Speed Reading: 5 Tips To Read Faster

speed reading

Do you love reading and learning new things? Or do you have to read many documents for work? We live in a fast-paced world: information is the centerpiece of most of our lives. In our personal lives, there are so many things we want to learn. And if you are a knowledge worker, chances are you have to read emails, rapports, and other documents on a daily basis.

Multitasking hurts our productivity. And there is so much to read, but so little time, right? That isn’t necessarily true. Speed reading is something that has had a lot of attention in recent years. People are always looking for ways to get things done more efficiently. By learning to speed read you significantly process more information and get things done more quickly. However, with most speed reading techniques, you are required to adapt your natural reading style.

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Top 15 Motivational Quotes That Will Make You Do Some Stuff

motivational quotes

I’m not a fan of motivational quotes. But getting motivated is not always easy. We have so many goals that we want to achieve.

Some many books to read. Some much stuff to do. But we have so little time, so we need to motivate (and inspire) ourselves to keep doing the things that satisfy us—and not waste our time.

Here’s a list of motivational quotes that always get me off my but. I found that it works best to print your favorite quotes and place them somewhere you see them multiple times a day. For example, I have motivational quotes on my monitor, desk, closet, the dashboard of my car, bathroom.

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