How To Be More Decisive In 3 Steps

indecisive stick figure drawing

How decisive are you? If you’re like most of us when faced with a decision, you soak in your anxiety, weigh the outcomes, push the whole thing away, get confused, come back to it, and just pull the trigger at the very last moment.

Indecision is something almost everyone can relate to. I remember the first day of high school as it was yesterday. My teacher playfully told us that “your life is the result of the choices you make.” At the time, it didn’t resonate with my fellow students and me at all. 

I remember we made fun of him for saying that. Because he often repeated himself, we thought he wasn’t making sense. We called him “choices guy.” He literally mentioned that everything in life comes down to our decisions every class. Years later, I still remember what my teacher said—probably because he repeated it so often.

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