Work Hard: The Pain Of Regrets Hurts More

the pain of regrets

One of my mentors is a 71-year-old entrepreneur. He started working since he was 12 years. The thought of retiring has never crossed his mind.

He told me he wants to die working — he loves it that much.

He said: “People will try to tell you that hard work is bad for you. And that you should work less. Don’t listen to them. Those people don’t enjoy their work, and they try to convince you of their fallacy.”

It got me thinking. Have you ever heard someone who loves their job, say that you shouldn’t work hard? No way. It’s always the lazy ones — like me back then — that make these statements.

When I first met my mentor, about five years ago, I didn’t understand why he worked seven days a week at his age. Why? Is it money, reputation, escapism?

Like many others, that ask “why would you work hard?” I just didn’t get it back then.

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