Stop Trying To Be Realistic

stop trying to be realistic

We always try to think in “realistic” terms about everything:

  • “It can’t be done.”
  • “What? Do you want to build an airplane? You’re crazy.”
  • “You’ll never make it.”
  • “Everyone fails and so will you.”
  • “1,000 songs in your pocket? You must be kidding, right?”
  • “An electrical car with a range of 300 miles? What’s next? A time machine?”
  • “You want to be an artist? It’s safer to get a job.”
  • “Why would you travel the world?”

What does it take when everyone tells you that you’re wrong? Delusion. At least, a little of it.

Everything that is not ordinary is crazy. Well, that’s what people tell you. 

And if you don’t want to live an ordinary life, you have to be stubborn and stupid. Because it’s normal to live an ordinary life. That doesn’t take any courage.

You don’t need guts to get a normal job, buy a house, and do the usual stuff.

Most people are realistic. And you know what, they’re right. You should be normal, it’s the right thing to do.

  • It’s not realistic to be the first one to build an airplane
  • It’s not realistic to travel the world and earn money
  • It’s not realistic to build an electric car
  • It’s not realistic to live your dream
  • It’s not realistic to write a novel
  • It’s not realistic to make art

But what’s the fun of living a life when you know the outcome already? If you never try, you never have to deal with the hurt of failure—I’ll gives you that.

“Yeah, but an extraordinary life is not for everybody. I have bills to pay. I’m not lucky.”

I realize that you have shit going on in your life. But doesn’t everybody?

I’ve never met a ‘perfect’ person. Have you?

Rich people have problems. Poor people have problems.

But is that a reason to not do something? Life is also not a contest of “my problems are worse than yours.” If it’s the attention that you want, get a dog.


The truth is: You’re trying to be realistic.

And I’m telling you: DON’T. Think outside the box. Think of flying cars. Unconventional living. Space travel. Whatever.

Be crazy, weird, delusional, out of your mind, or whatever term people use for not ordinary. Do extraordinary things.

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” —Sir Edmund Hillary

Because once you decide to be realistic, your life will play out like a movie you’ve seen a dozen times. Is it still worth it to sit through it? Yeah, sure. But it’s not extraordinary.

Next time people call you crazy or think you’re weird, just realize that you’re on the right path. It’s not a reason to stop, it’s every reason to keep going.

Go. Go. Go.

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