4 Tips To Successfully Ask For A Raise

get a raise

A common misconception is that employers always reward good work. Unfortunately, asking for a raise isn’t as simple as, “I’ve done X and Y, so I think I deserve a raise.” When you put it like that, you will likely hear an excuse like, “there is no budget.”

More importantly, asking for a raise makes most of us feel uncomfortable. How do you even ask the question? How do you prepare? What do you do when your boss says no?

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How Running Changed My Life

running changed my life

Running has truly changed my life. I never thought that because I never understood running as a form of exercise.

When physical harm is looming, our natural response is to run. It’s human nature — we either fight or flee. Most of us choose to flee— I would surely run if a wild animal would charge at me. But I also found that our fear mechanism kicks in when we face emotional challenges.

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