What I Would Do If My Net Worth Went to $0

0 net worth

Let’s do a thought experiment to demonstrate the steps one can take to build financial stability in their life. Imagine that you wake up tomorrow and your net worth is zero.

It’s not an uncommon thought. While it’s not very likely you’ll lose everything, there are many people who live in a perpetual state of anxiety about their careers and finances. And that fear is worse than actually starting over.

If you go to bed and wake up every day with an uneasy feeling in your gut that tells you life is uncertain, I hope the steps in this article will give you a roadmap. The majority of our fears are unwarranted. 

One of those fears is, “What if I lose all my money?” I had that fear for many years. This thought experiment helped me to overcome it because I now have a plan. Here it is.

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