Wise & Wealthy: Perfectionism and 9 money principles

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#45 – November 28, 2022

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Wise: Perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist? If you sometimes wish things were different than they are, you likely have perfectionistic tendencies.

A lot of people assume perfectionism is about always wanting to do things in a perfect way. That’s just a part of the story.

A perfectionist can’t stand it when things don’t go their way. I think many of us have a little bit of that behavior. 

But that mindset stands in the way of our progress because it makes us insecure. 

Someone with a progressive mindset, unlike a perfectionist, focuses on how things are. 

Progress is about making the best of what we’ve got. That is the secret to making progress without driving yourself insane. 

↳ The More Perfect You Are, the More Insecure You Become

Wealthy: 9 money principles

I got my first decent-paying job when I was 17 as a call-center agent. The summer I graduated from high school, I worked there full-time.

And I made around two thousand bucks a month. Living with my parents, I had no expenses, so that was money I could spend or save. 

And like most people that age, I obviously spent it all!

I didn’t know any better. But over the years, I’ve learned a lot about money from simply observing wealthy people. 

If I could go back and teach myself some financial lessons, I would’ve changed my financial mindset way earlier. 

Here’s what I would tell myself.

↳ 9 Money Principles I’d Tell My 17-Year-Old Self

One interesting thing

Today’s interesting thing comes from the endurance writer, Matt Fitzgerald, who’s a proponent of 80/20 running:

“80/20 running is very simple. It has two components: planning and monitoring. The planning component entails creating or choosing a training plan that is based on the 80/20 Rule. In other words, the plan should be set up so that roughly 80 percent of your total training time is spent at low intensity (below the ventilatory threshold) and the other 20 percent is spent at moderate to high intensity.”

This strategy is not only effective, but it also makes training a lot more fun.

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