Wise & Wealthy: Passive income ideas and perception vs reality

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#37 – October 10, 2022

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Wise: Perception is reality

Do you ever feel misunderstood by others? Maybe you feel that people at work don’t get you. Or that your friends are not on the same page.

Maybe others truly don’t get you. But that’s not because of them, it’s most likely because of your own behavior.

We live in a world where we’re constantly judged. And how do people judge you? By looking at what they see.

In other words, the perception that people have of you becomes reality in their minds. Now, it doesn’t matter how you truly are when it comes to perception. When people perceive you in a certain way, it’s almost impossible to change that.

That’s why it’s important to be mindful of how you present yourself. Always present the best version of yourself, no matter how tired or unmotivated you might be.

↳ Perception Is Reality

Wealthy: Passive income ideas

In 99 out of 100 cases, it takes years to get rich. But since the media loves highlighting that one person who got rich overnight with a few passive income ideas, many of us have a screwed-up idea of how people get wealthy.

While we know that get-rich-quick schemes never work (otherwise they wouldn’t be called that), most folks don’t know that building wealth is not that complicated.

The problem with getting rich is that it takes time. And in this impatient world, people just don’t want to wait. They want to be rich now.

But if you decide to go against the grain and commit to building long-term wealth, you will inevitably become wealthy if you do one thing: Increase your net worth every year.

The best way to make that happen is to have multiple income streams. If you only have one or two income streams right now, that’s fine. With consistency and time, you’ll eventually get there. It doesn’t happen overnight.

If you’re serious about building wealth over time, you will accomplish that goal because you control your behavior. When executed well, the following passive income ideas will increase your net worth gradually.

↳ 5 Passive Income Ideas to Get Inevitably Rich

One interesting thing

The Austrian psychotherapist, Alfred Adler, believed that we are the masters of our destiny:

“No experience is a cause of success or failure. We do not suffer from the shock of our experiences — the so-called trauma — but we make out of them just what suits our purposes.”

Never let the bad things that happened to you in the past define how you look at yourself today.

Every day is a new opportunity to do things differently.

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