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I’m Darius Foroux, an entrepreneur, author, and investor. I’ve been sharing actionable tips for optimizing your life and work every week since 2015. My ideas have been featured in TIME, NBC, Fast Company, Inc., Observer, and other publications.

And I’m continually researching ways we can effectively improve ourselves so we can live with inner joy, tranquility, and certainty. To me, that’s the ultimate goal of personal growth. When you can do work you enjoy, especially on your own terms, you’ll have pleasure every day.

If you’re interested in the following topics, you will benefit from my work:

  1. Productivity: How can we achieve more without sacrificing our well-being?
  2. Wealth Building: How can we responsibly increase our net-worth?
  3. Business/Careers: How can we find meaning in our work?

I write for people who are committed to personal growth, no matter what the external circumstances are. People who want to become better at what they do—one step at a time. That’s also my goal. And my newsletter is where I publish my new insights first.

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