Hi! I’m Darius Foroux.

I’m an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. I write about how you can improve productivity so you can build a better life, career, and business.

I don’t have all the secrets to living a good life. But I’m happy to share the things that I’ve learned until now from interviewing high-performing people, my mentors, reading 2 books a week, and my own personal experience.

I started my first business in 2010. And I must say, it’s not easy to stay productive, motivated, and grow your business. But it’s worth it because I believe that productivity produces happiness and income.

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What I Write About

I strive for living a life of usefulness, contribution, and happiness. And research shows that the more productive you are, the higher impact results you achieve, and the bigger impact you make.

The more impact we make, the happier we feel, and the more value we create.

That’s why some people are more successful than others. They achieve more. And results improve your life. Ray Dalio, a well-known investor and philanthropist, said it best:

“Do all that you can to raise your productivity, because in the long run, that’s what matters most.”

Everything starts with action. Don’t overthink it. Just DO something that’s useful. Start by joining the thousands of other readers who get my newsletter. Together, we inspire each other to take more action.

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