Wise & Wealthy: Stock market crash, money stress, and mastering self-talk

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#6 – May 19, 2022

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When you suddenly experience recurring pain because of a condition or injury, it doesn’t only affect you physically, but also mentally. I’ve dealt with post-infectious IBS for two years.

In the beginning, my self-talk initially was: “Just get some rest. Take it easy. Don’t work out much. It will pass.”

But when my health problem didn’t disappear, that mindset became harmful. About two months ago, I decided I’d had enough. I changed my self-talk. Now I say:

“I don’t care about the stomach pain. I’m going to work through it. I’m not going to give up and lay in bed at the first sign of pain. I’ll fight.”

I’ve been fully pain-free. That head-on approach works for me because it gives me energy. And obviously, this doesn’t work for all conditions.

But if you feel like the voice in your head is somehow standing in the way of living a good life, realize that you can change that voice.

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Money is the biggest cause of stress in the United States, according to the American Psychological Association. I’m guessing if they do the study in other countries, the results are the same.

Money stress is like any stress: It can make you sick.

Now, no one likes the fact that money is the most important thing in our society. But it’s the way things are.

We can do two things:

  1. Complain, resist, and worry
  2. Address the issue

I pick the latter any day of the week. We can take charge and start gaining control over our money. And we can do it in a stress-free way.

It all starts with awareness. If we know exactly what causes our money stress, we can address it.

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One interesting thing

The stock market has been going down for the past six months. Over the last two weeks, more and more people are getting concerned about the pace.

I’ve received multiple calls from friends and acquaintances who are worried about the combination of high inflation and a bear market. They assume that investing in stock is all of a sudden riskier.

I want to share this quote with you from legendary financial advisor Nick Murray:

“People greatly overestimate the long-term risk of owning stocks. And much more insidious, people seriously underestimate the long-term risk of not owning stocks.”

Crashes are normal. In the long term, nothing changes about the stock market.

As long as you don’t own risky assets, are not leveraged, and live well below your means, there is nothing else to worry about.

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