Wise & Wealthy: Feeling great every day and impulse buying

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#112 – February 19, 2024

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Wise: Optimize your life to feel great

I think we should all make life choices that lead to a great day. And it’s not much to ask for.

As long as I wake up rested and have a sense of control over how I spend my day, I’m feeling great.

This sounds simple, but it’s hard to accomplish.

With the right choices, it’s certainly possible. If you have work you enjoy, good people around you, and an active lifestyle, you’re pretty close.

More on how I consciously shape my life in a way that I feel great every day in my latest article.

↳ How to Feel Great Every Day (Backed by Science)

Wealthy: Avoiding impulse buying

The biggest mistake people make in personal finance is to treat it as a rational topic.

Money is not a logical phenomenon — it’s emotional. Especially when it comes to spending.

For example, I bought the Airpods Max not long ago. You know, those $600 pair of Apple noise-canceling headphones. After a few days, I thought to myself:

“Why did I buy this thing!? I already HAVE other headphones!”

Sometimes, we really don’t put much thought into our purchases. Eventually, I returned the product.

I’ve made so many impulsive purchases in my life, but I finally found a way to get it under control.

It’s mostly a matter of slowing down and getting rid of my desires.

Instead of thinking, “I don’t have enough,” I always think, “I have MORE than enough.”

In my other new article, I share tips for avoiding impulsive spending.

↳ 4 Habits To Manage Impulse Buying

One interesting thing

I often read about the benefits of traveling and was always skeptical. But over the past two years, I went on four really long road trips by car.

Long as in roughly 3000 kilometers (1860 miles) each way. And then 3K kms back! But taking our time, and not rushing things.

Here’s what I experienced from these travels:

  • Better memory: I made one of the trips with my dad and can recall everything. I still remember every meal we ate along the way.
  • More creativity: Going on these trips forced me to find creative solutions to travel-related problems. But it also helped me to come up with new ideas for my work.

Overall, traveling will make many memories.

And what’s life? A collection of your best memories.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this edition of Wise & Wealthy useful.

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