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#13 – June 20, 2022

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How do you stay healthy when life is hectic?

Sometimes you’re so busy that you constantly feel one step behind on the day. You feel like the day is running you, and that you can’t get a grip on anything.

During those moments, many of us give up working out and eating healthy so we can save time. Big mistake. I know that from personal experience.

The moments I have most things on my plate are the moments I need to double down on my health.

Over the years, I’ve learned that you need to be counterintuitive when it comes to working out and eating healthy. There are times when you feel like slowing down because you don’t feel like it.

But we don’t have a real reason for taking it easy. We’re not sick or overworked. We just don’t want to push ourselves. It’s important to do the opposite during those moments: Go harder.

In my latest article, I share my most important healthy habits.

↳ Simple Habits to Stay Healthy in a Hectic World


Saving money is not easy. We often tend to under-save or over-save. When we save too much, we can become extremely frugal.

When we’re too frugal, we can get too obsessed with saving. And it’s more annoying when you’re being too cheap on yourself. But at the same time, we must be practical as well.

How do you find a balance? How can you save without being overly frugal?

Make more conscious choices about what you want to spend on.

After food, shelter, and clothing; what are essential things that you want to keep in your life?

People talk about cutting all small expenses. But if you enjoy buying a latte every day, go for it. In that case, just get rid of a content subscription you hardly ever use. It’s all about conscious spending.

In my latest article, I talk about more tips to save sustainably and build your emergency fund while still enjoying life.

↳ How to Save Money Without Being Overly Frugal

One interesting thing

I sit a lot during the day. And I also run a few times a week. That causes tightness in my hip flexors. And that in turn leads to a bunch of physical problems. Like lower back pain and soreness in the hip area.

So I found this video by Yogabody to be really helpful. In the video, he talks about stretches that help improve your hip muscles. I like these stretches a lot.

What I found most useful is the recommendation to do every stretch for 3 to 5 minutes.

It’s a simple strategy that has made a big impact on my flexibility. When you do it consistently and regularly, the impact is huge.

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