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#71 – May 15, 2023

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Wise: The brevity of life

How would you change your life today if I told you that in 3 years, you would die?

Look, life is short. We all know it. And yet, we get stuck in the mundanity. We do the same thing day in and day out. 

We hardly ever think, “I won’t live forever.”

Sometimes we read a really prolific book that makes us think. Maybe it’s Man’s Search For Meaning or On The Shortness of Life.

Those books can change the way you view the world… But often that effect wanes.

A few weeks later, we forget we even read the book and just fall back into our normal routines.

To avoid that, make it a habit to meditate on the impermanent nature of life. In my latest article, I share some lessons I’ve learned. 

↳ Living with Intention: Lessons on The Brevity of Life

Wealthy: Becoming unstoppable

To launch a rocket in space, one needs a massive amount of energy to get it in the air. But once it’s in an upward motion, one needs less energy to keep it going.

This is also true for many things in life. The problem is that most of us give up before we reach a phase of having momentum.

Instead of working against Newton’s laws, work with them, especially the first law, also known as the law of momentum.

This states that an object will keep moving in the same direction unless it’s influenced by an external force. This has two consequences:

  • It’s easier to keep a moving object in motion
  • It’s harder to stop a moving object in motion

The first one is obvious. The second implication of the law of momentum is often neglected in business, careers, productivity, and habit-building. 

If you keep up your momentum, you’re more likely to keep going because you’re difficult to stop. 

↳ The Law Of Momentum: How To Become Unstoppable

One interesting thing

We often search for purpose and meaning in our lives, but true fulfillment can only be found through positively impacting the lives of those around us.

Alfred Adler, the Austrian psychotherapist, said:

“Every human being strives for significance, but people always make mistakes if they do not see that their whole significance must consist in their contribution to the lives of others.” 

Your contribution to the world matters, no matter how big or small it may seem.

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