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#7 – May 23, 2022

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You know how people say, “It takes money to make money”? 

The point is that once you have money, you can invest that money to generate more of it. At some point, you’ll have enough money that it’s actually hard to lose your wealth.

The same is true with your mind. Once you have a rich mind, it can only get richer.  

We develop a rich mind by having a thirst for knowledge. By continuously learning, thinking, journaling, and improving ourselves.

We all know what it takes to enrich our minds. The biggest problem we have is that it’s hard.

It’s easier to spend hours on Instagram, spying on the lives of celebrities and your former classmates and lovers. What a waste of time.

What are you doing today to enrich your mind?

↳ How to Develop a Rich Mind


Everything requires energy. And whether you work on something small or big, both require energy, so you might as well go for the big thing.

This is something I picked up from Steve Schwarzman, the founder of Blackstone, a large investment firm. In his book, What It Takes, he talked about the early days of Blackstone.

He said that it took the same energy to ask investors for $1 million dollars as asking investors for $100 million dollars. He simply had to go to different investors. But the work was the same.

This concept is also true in our careers. You could perform the same job at a different company and get paid twice as much.

Optimize your time and money for opportunities that have the biggest potential payoff. Get after the lump of bread, not the crumbs. More ideas in my latest article.

↳ Work Less, Earn More: Why High Performers Live a Good Life

One interesting thing

I’m excited to announce that registration for my online class, digitalbusiness.school, is open now!

I launched this course during the pandemic, and it’s amazing to see how some students are thriving in their businesses.

I even had one former member of digitalbusiness.school, Ben Dunkel, on my podcast to talk about his journey from being employed to working for himself.

I’ve collected more stories from members on the registration page. And you can now join them. You can also start your own online business and earn extra income.

Some people hesitate to start a business during uncertain times. I can relate to that a lot because I started my first business in 2010 when the economy was going through a deep recession. 

It was scary. But looking back, I’m glad I invested in myself because I have more control over my income now. And I’m sure you will feel like I did in a year from now if you decide to do the same.

By registering for digitalbusiness.school, you don’t have to figure things out on your own. You can use a proven framework that I’ve created after being in business for 10 years.

So if you’ve been thinking about starting a digital business, or taking your existing one to the next level, it’s never been a better time to start earning online. Registration closes June 2.


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