Wise & Wealthy: Getting what you want and avoiding consumerism

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#66 – April 10, 2023

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Wise: What you really want

You can accomplish a lot more than you think in life if you focus on one thing at a time.

Life is long enough to make most of your dreams come true.

The keyword is most. We can’t have everything we want. Or can we?

I argue we can. And that’s because most of us don’t know what we truly want in life.

Recognizing what you really want from life is the key to achieving it.

Be unapologetic when you decide what you want in life and then get after it. 

Most of us find out that there are not that many things we want. That simplifies everything.

↳ You Can Have What You REALLY Want

Wealthy: Consumerism

I’ve been consistently spending less money for the past three years on goods. 

This is not about inflation, it’s about philosophy. 

I get a sense of fulfillment when I spend less and only spend on things that enrich my life. 

Buying new clothes or devices doesn’t give me that feeling. They are simply nice to have. 

While our economy is fueled by consumerism and it’s essential to our prosperity, I believe we should never overdo it. 

This is why I always prioritize saving over spending and buying assets over liabilities.

↳ Why Rich People Avoid Consumerism

One interesting thing

According to the MBI, a psychological assessment tool, burnout is defined as follows:

“Exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy, or persistent feelings of low personal accomplishment.”

To avoid burnout, two things are critical:

  1. Self-monitoring: The sooner you become aware that you’re exhausted, the sooner you can do something.
  2. Take action: Take a step back, rest, recover, read, exercise, or do anything that energizes you.

This is a continuous process. 

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