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#3 – May 5, 2022

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There are many articles about how to be successful. A lot of people assume that copying the habits of millionaires will make you successful as well.

The problem with these articles is that they often focus on the outcomes. Not the process.

Take waking up early, for example. That’s a common “millionaire habit.” But waking up is not a skill.

I once spoke to my mentor about this phenomenon. And he told me something I always remind myself: “Correlation doesn’t mean causation.”

You can still do great if you don’t subscribe to those popular habits and ideas.

Everyone works and lives differently. What matters is that we find a lifestyle that works well for us.

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What’s your personal finance strategy? If you asked me a few years ago, I would probably laugh it off: “I’ll leave that for tomorrow.”

But after living like my parents, from paycheck to paycheck, until I was 28, I had enough.

I started to take personal finance and investing seriously. I created a strategy that helped me manage money better.

The first step? I began desiring less.

It takes more time to make money than to spend it. The first requirement to reaching true financial freedom is managing our desires. If you can learn to desire less, you’ll instantly give your wealth a boost.

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One interesting thing

I recently had Penny Phillips on my podcast. She’s the co-founder of Journey Strategic Wealth, a firm that helps financial advisors to grow.

We talked about her journey, personal values, building a career in finance, coaching people who were older than her, and many other topics.

I was very inspired by her journey and ideas.

↳ How to Build a Career in Finance With Penny Phillips

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