Wise & Wealthy: A fail-proof sleeping technique & impostor syndrome

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#51 – January 9, 2023

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Wise: Good night’s sleep

Sleeping problems have been increasing for decades. And since Covid, numbers have been going up drastically.

The American Psychological Association recently reported that two-thirds of Americans are not sleeping as they desire. 

Everyone knows what a big impact sleep has on the quality of our lives. There’s a proven relationship between sleep and mental and physical health. 

Entire books have been dedicated to sleep and how we can improve it in our lives. But despite all of the helpful content out there, we still struggle with getting a good night’s sleep.

In my experience, nothing else will help you sleep better than a good day’s work.

When you wake up in the morning and you’re active all day, you will be tired by the evening. In my latest article, I talk more about this idea.

↳ My Fail-Proof Sleeping Technique to Fall Asleep Faster

Wealthy: Impostor syndrome

Do you ever think, “who cares about anything that I have to say?”

Every time you have a similar thought like that, you’re developing impostor syndrome. 

It’s one of the biggest obstacles to creating a serious career. If you always feel like you’re not good or smart enough, you will plateau.

To keep growing and improving in our careers, we must get over this feeling of being an impostor. 

And I think it’s a feeling any normal, empathetic, human being will have at some point in their career. There’s nothing wrong with it.

In fact, I think impostor syndrome is a good sign. It means you really care. But it’s not good to stay stuck in that feeling.

We must get over it and move forward.

↳ A Practical Way To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

One interesting thing

I’ve read a lot about ChatGPT, the famous AI chatbot that was updated last month. There’s much ado about it.

The best discussion I’ve heard on the usefulness of ChatGPT was between Ben Thompson (Stratechery) and James Allworth (co-author of How Will You Measure Your Life, head of innovation at Cloudflare).

They have a podcast called Exponent. And in their latest episode, they talk about the potential impact of AI on knowledge work

I found their balanced view interesting. AI is replacing some jobs, but also making all the other jobs simpler.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this edition of Wise & Wealthy useful.

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